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The 18 Power Habits: Go from 'Eh. to Ayy!' in 90 Days

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On demand and for free (or whatever price you want), you’re going to get the 18 power habits the 1%  use to build incredible lives.

This is the only habits book you’ll ever need.

It comes complete with the 18 best life altering habits + a whole bunch of "how to's" from the pros and "how I's" from me.

People younger and dumber than you are doing better because they apply these habits. Not nice to say, but true. 

It worked for me.

At 25:

  • Negative net worth
  • String of shitty relationships, living w/ my parents
  • 1 lousy 11/hr job
  • Depressed, anxious, unhealthy

At 35:

  • Mid six figure net worth
  • Living with the love of my life in our beautiful home
  • 5 income streams 
  • Confident, happy, energetic


 If you start finding success at a ridiculous rate and it feels overwhelming, just pump the brakes a little. 

This is not for you if you’re unwilling to apply new habits to your life.

The book is free but it does cost your time and effort. 

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Build your dream life in 90 days using the power habits of the 1%

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The 18 Power Habits: Go from 'Eh. to Ayy!' in 90 Days

13 ratings
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